Turn the home you love into the home you need

Are you dreaming of extra space at home? Or considering some changes to make the home more functional and suitable for your current needs? If you love where you live, and don’t want the drama of moving, a home renovation may be the perfect solution, and it’s a great way to add value to your existing home. Whether you want to extend outwards, upwards or simply make changes within the structure that you have, AUSCON Group can help.

A quality design is where the dream begins. We will take into consideration your requirements, your space, and the materials and techniques needed to turn the concept into a reality. Once you love our custom built plan, we can manage any required permits and approvals, plus support services like surveying, structural engineer consulting and interior designers. Once we have carefully planned construction, our team of qualified tradesmen is ready to get to work.

We know it can interrupt your home life and we pride ourselves on overcoming this with great communication, high-quality work, and minimal disruption where we can. Throughout the project, we ensure regular meetings so we can provide you with updates as we go.

Our team of qualified builders, structural engineers, electricians, and plumbers have managed countless home extensions and alterations, and you can rest assure you are in excellent hands. We pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life and leaving you with a high-quality renovation that you will simply love.