Add value to your property

Looking to build an additional dwelling on your property? A granny flat provides so many options. Extra accommodation for when family comes to visit, a separate space for older children or elderly parents, a pool room, extra storage space or perhaps an extra property to rent. No matter the reason, a quality granny flat can add excellent value to your home.

AUSCON Group are the experts in building modern, high-quality granny flats, that will fit your space and your budget. We know the latest techniques to get the most out of the space and are well-versed in NSW building standards. Just as you would expect when we build any home, our focus will be on customer satisfaction and working with you to deliver the absolute best.

AUSCON Group can manage everything for you, from initial design, planning approval, choosing materials, finishes and the build itself. We can construct a granny flat at the same time we build your main home, or as an add on to your property at any time.